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April 16 & 17th 2016

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The goal for the Beginners’ Jump is to give you a swinging jumpstart!

If you’re a complete beginner, you will learn to dance in no time thanks to this weekend-long immersion into the world of swing dancing.
You will learn the basics of lead&follow and some cool Solo Jazz moves so you can rock it out on the dance floor.

If you already have some basic Lindy Hop experience, you will hone your technique to lead&follow new movements.
The Solo Jazz class is also included in your level so you can improve your solo body movement alongside your social dance skills.

That’s why you will have different teaching blocks at this workshop:

  • partnered: with Areski&Kris and Timo&Birgit as teachers
  • solo: one big class where you will have an introduction to Solo Jazz and some tipps & tricks to make it amazing on the dance floor

And because Lindy Hop is all about having fun and enjoying the company, you’ll have the chance to try out everything you learned at the Party on Saturday! And also at the pizza social on Sunday.



Areski & Kris
Timo & Birgit

60 Euro for 6h30 of classes, a Taster, the big Saturday Party & the Sunday Pizza Social!

SwingStep Heidelberg – In der Vogelstang 3, 69115 Heidelberg [Workshop]
TSC Grün-Gold – Hans-Bunte-Straße 6, 69123 Heidelberg [Party]



Registration is now open!



  • Level 1
    You’re completely new to this – you maybe heard of swing dancing, maybe not. But you want to be able to improvise on the dance floor – with or without parnter. This is the level for you! With us, you will learn what swing dance is, how to dance it and to which music.
  • Level 2
    You know swing dancing – you have been dancing since at least February, or up to six months. You know the basic, a few passes like the underarm turn, the send out or take in. You know triple steps and groove walks and you went to socials. You want to discover new moves and techniques to become a better dancer and feel more confortable on the social floor; you are motivated and want to explore a new side of dancing.
    If you’ve participated to Unisport at some point or Swing 2 classes at SwingStep, this is the level for you.

If you are in the Snookie, Dean or any class above at SwingStep, you should probably register directly for the Chase Festival in June. (Yay!)
If you’re not sure about your level, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail ( and we will find out what makes more sense for you.



Click here to see the schedule.



The pizza social is just a social on Sunday after classes. During the day, you will have the opportunity to say which pizza you want (one pizza = 8€) and we will get them delivered around seven. Some music will be playing, some food will get eaten… Something simple to spend the last hours of such an intense weekend all together. :)

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